Helgi Thorsson
Helgi Žórsson was born in 1975 in Reykjavik Iceland. His is both a visual artist and a sound artist. In addition to holding over 7 solo art exhibitions, he is member and co-founder of the experimental music group Stilluppsteypa, member of the Icelandic electronic super group Evil Madness, and half of duo Alien UFO with  Runar Magnusson.  
Helgi attended the Royal Conservatory, Sonology Dept., The Hague, Rietveld Academy, in  Amsterdam, and  received his Masters in Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. He has been the recipient of multiple  awards and scholarships including Scholarship Fund of the Berlage, Gerrit Rietveld Prize Winner 2002, the 2002  AIAS Competition Winner in Seoul, South Korea, a Nomination KunstRAI Prize in 2003, and the 2008 Children's  Choice Award. Helgi has performed in Iceland, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the United States. 
Stilluppsteypa Releases
Space Finale (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) Audio Cassette & 2xLP 2010
Man From Deep River (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (MEGO) 2008
Passing Out (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2008
Second Childhood (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen & Hildur Gudnadóttir) CD (Quecksilber) 2007
Drykkjuvķsur Óhljóšanna (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2006
Vikinga Brennivķn (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2005
Stilluppsteypa CD (Atak) 2004
Project Horror Express (in collaboration with artist Daniel Roth) LP (En/Of) 2003
The immediate past is of no interest to us - 10 years of continuous pointless activities CD (Bottrop-Boy) 2002
Stories Part Five CD (Ritornell/Mille Plateaux) 2001
We are everyone in a room (in collaboration with TV POW) CD (Erstwhile) 2001
Not a laughing matter but rather a matter of laughs CD e.p. (FIRE inc.) 2000
Interferences are often... CD (Ritornell/Mille Plateaux) 1999 Mort aux vaches CD (Staalplaat) 1998
Has (or has not) happened CD (meme) 1998
Reduce by reducing 12" single/CD (FIRE inc./SOME) 1998
The best pet possible CD (Staalplaat) 1997
Meditation on violence (in collaboration with Oliver Kochta) Video (MostlyWood Publications) 1997
Tpith or tetapth (in collaboration with Matt Waldron) CD (FIRE inc./SOME) 1997
One side mona lisa - the front side only CD (FIRE inc./SOME) 1996
Important anti-art dances (split with Melt-Banana) 10" (SOME) 1996
That would besplit sawblade shaped (split with Andrew Mckenzie, The Hafler Trio) 7" (Musical Tragedies) 1996
Keep checking speed and completeness of urine flow cut-off 7" e.p. (Obuh Records) 1995
Nova - disco 7" e.p. (Destroy All Music) 1995A taxi to Tijuana 7" e.p. (Drunken Fish Records) 1994
Til eru hljóš Audio Cassette (Chocolate Monk) 1993

Evil Madness Releases
Demon Jukebox CD (12 Tónar) 2006
Demoni Paradiso CD (12 Tónar) 2008

Coming soon.