Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson


Solo Releases
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Tom Smith "Todesröcheln" CD (TLASILA) 2009
"The Sleeping Moustache" CD made in collaboration with Matt Waldron, Steven Stapleton, Jim Haynes and Richard Faulhaber (Helen Scarsdale) 2006
Rubber O Cement w/ Tender Morsels & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson "Menancholypetramuse Si Si Si" CD (Brutalsfx) 2004
"A Little Lost" CD (Bottrop-Boy) 2003
"This One Comes Highly Recommended" CD (FIRE inc.) 2000
"A Long Wait Produced Nothing Further" LP (ERS Recordings) 2000
"Ship" CD (Trente Oiseaux) 1999

Film Music
"Enter The Void" Director-Gasper Noe, 2009
"does this hurt you?" Documentary on David Lynch, Director-Agnieszka Jurek, 2004

Stilluppsteypa Releases
Space Finale (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) Audio Cassette & 2xLP 2010
Man From Deep River (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (MEGO) 2008
Passing Out (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2008
Second Childhood (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen & Hildur Gudnadóttir) CD (Quecksilber) 2007
Drykkjuvísur Óhljóđanna (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2006
Vikinga Brennivín (in collaboration with BJ Nilsen) CD (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2005
Stilluppsteypa CD (Atak) 2004
Project Horror Express (in collaboration with artist Daniel Roth) LP (En/Of) 2003
The immediate past is of no interest to us - 10 years of continuous pointless activities CD (Bottrop-Boy) 2002
Stories Part Five CD (Ritornell/Mille Plateaux) 2001
We are everyone in a room (in collaboration with TV POW) CD (Erstwhile) 2001
Not a laughing matter but rather a matter of laughs CD e.p. (FIRE inc.) 2000
Interferences are often... CD (Ritornell/Mille Plateaux) 1999 Mort aux vaches CD (Staalplaat) 1998
Has (or has not) happened CD (meme) 1998
Reduce by reducing 12" single/CD (FIRE inc./SOME) 1998
The best pet possible CD (Staalplaat) 1997
Meditation on violence (in collaboration with Oliver Kochta) Video (MostlyWood Publications) 1997
Tpith or tetapth (in collaboration with Matt Waldron) CD (FIRE inc./SOME) 1997
One side mona lisa - the front side only CD (FIRE inc./SOME) 1996
Important anti-art dances (split with Melt-Banana) 10" (SOME) 1996
That would besplit sawblade shaped (split with Andrew Mckenzie, The Hafler Trio) 7" (Musical Tragedies) 1996
Keep checking speed and completeness of urine flow cut-off 7" e.p. (Obuh Records) 1995
Nova - disco 7" e.p. (Destroy All Music) 1995A taxi to Tijuana 7" e.p. (Drunken Fish Records) 1994
Til eru hljóđ Audio Cassette (Chocolate Monk) 1993

Evil Madness Releases
Demon Jukebox CD (12 Tónar) 2006
Demoni Paradiso CD (12 Tónar) 2008


Solo Exhibitions
CIA/SÍM Húsiđ, Reykjavík, Iceland
"auf einmal ist es kunst"
Castle Insterburg, Tchernyakhovsk, Russia
installation made in collaboration with Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Lost Horse Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
"The Important Little Man Reykjavik Show"
Gallerí Heimsendir, Reykjavík, Iceland
"Kempe Julebazar"
Lost Horse Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
"The Shivering Man"
Listasafn Íslands, Reykjavik, Iceland
"stilluppsteypa presented by other beings - an artificial intergalactic alien presentation"
installation made in collaboration with Helgi Ţórsson
Ello Gallery & Shop, Portsmouth, Bandaríkin
installation made in collaboration with Helgi Ţórsson

Sonambiente, Berlín, Germany
"The Important Little Man Berlin Show"
Gallerí Dvergur, Reykjavík, Iceland
"The Curse of Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson"

SOHO IN OTTAKRING, Vienna, Austria
"The Important Little Man Vienna Show"
Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria
"Vienna Blood Beast Terror"
Faust, Hannover, Germany
"The Imporant Little Man Hannover Show"

Omvandling Karlsborg, Karlsborg, Sweden

Der Comtainer Station, Köln, Germany
"Family Album"

Group Exhibitions

Listasafn Reykjavíkur (Reykjavík Art Museum), Reykjavík, Iceland
Kling og Bang Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland

Westwerk Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Uferhallen Berlin, Berlin, Germany
"auf einmal ist es kunst"
Neon>Compabase, Bologna, Italy
"the important little man video & performance"
Pica, Portland, Oregon, USA
"the important little man video"
X-Initiative, New York, USA
"Kling og Bang video installation"
Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia
"Sound Art Camp"
Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germany
"Iceland Meets Berlin"
The Sallis Benny Theater - Grand Parade, Brighton, England
"Colour Out of Space Exhibition"
Gallerí Havarí, Reykjavík, Iceland
Crymo Gallerí, Reykjavík, Iceland

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
Sound Installation

Sound Effects Seoul 2007, Seoul, South Korea
"The Important Little Man Seoul Show"
Skaftfell, Seyđisfjörđur, Iceland
"Óli Gunnar Seyđisfjörđur"
Installation made in collaboration with Helgi Ţórsson

Kling & Bang Gallerí, Reykjavík, Iceland
"Guđs Útvalda Ţjóđ"

Preview Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Fachochschule Hannover Bildende Kunst, Hannover, Germany
"plattform 1"

Polyphonia Festival, Nýlistasafniđ, Reykjavík, Iceland
Installation made in collaboration with Curver

Iđnó, Reykjavík, Iceland
"Kort kort kredit, Bćnagjörđir og Trommusóló"
made in collaboration with Magnúsi Pálsson, Helgi Ţórsson and Heimir Björgúlfsson
Hermannshof Hörgange 2000, Springe, Germany
"GOLD (Wohnwagen Days)"

Fylkingen, Stokkhólm, Sweden
Sound installation made in collaboration with Helgi Ţórsson and Heimir Björgúlfsson

Selected Performances

Nefertiti Jazz Club, Göteburg, Sweden
Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germany
The Sallis Benny Theater - Grand Parade, Brighton, England

Skaftfell, Seyđisfjörđur, Iceland
"The Shivering Man"
Apart Festival, Álaborg, Denmark
"The Shivering Man"
Silly Art Fick Festival, Hannover, Germany
"The Shivering Man"
Beton Salon, Paris, France
"The Shivering Man"
Bruismelk Festival, Antwerpen, Belgium
"The Shivering Man"
Kling & Bang Gallerí, Reykjavík, Iceland
Listasafn Einars Jónssonar, Reykjavík, Iceland

iDeal Festival, Göteburg, Sweden
"Ljóđakvöld Níelsar", Tjarnabíó, Reykjavík, Iceland

Skanu mezs, Riga, Latvia
RHIZ, Vienna, Austria
Ultrahang Festival, Budapest, Hungary
STUMPF, Hannover, Germany

ATAK Night Fukuoka: Urgh! The Electronics Vol.8, Rooms, Fukuoka, Japan
ATAK Night Osaka, Bridge, Osaka, Japan
ATAK Night Tokyo, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, Japan
This City Is Sleeping, Argos Centrum For Arts, Brussel, Belgium
Ertz Music Festival, Kultur Etxea, Bera (Nafarroa), Spain
Kunstverien Hannover, Hannover, Germany

Strobotika "Electric Light - Electric Sound", Kunstcentrum BELGIE, Hasselt, Belgium
Ultrasound Festival, Electronic and Experimental Music Festival, The Media Centre, Huddersfield, England
Across the Border - Performance days, Kubus Hannover, Hannover, Germany
Common Ground #3, GA, Niedersächsische Landtagsvertretung, Berlin, Germany
San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (SFEMF), EAST MEETS LEFT, San Francisco, Usa

WORM, Rotterdam, Holland
Vesturportiđ, Reykjavík, Iceland

O.K. Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst, O.K. Zentrum, Linz, Austria
Museum of Modern Art, Washington DC, USA
Art & Music, Detroit, USA
Millevale Industrial Theater, Pittsburgh, USA
Deadtech, Chicago, USA
International Art Festival Observatori 2001, Valencia, Spain

ART 2000, Kópavogssalurinn, Kópavogur, Iceland
Holland Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland

Gemußt, Fachochschule Hannover, Hannover, Germany
"Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson becomes Bruce Lee"

Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

Galerie Schallschutz, Performance Happening, Hannover, Germany

Screenings of the short movie KILL TIME made in collaboration with film maker Carsten Aschmann
Wacker Galerie, Kassel, Germany

Sequences, Regnboginn, Reykjavík, Iceland
Croation Film Club´s Association, Zagreb, Crotia

Taint Modern, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Gallery Boreas, New York, USA
Skanu Mezs Festival, Riga, Latvia